Meaning of Katangese in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkataŋˈɡiːz/

nounplural noun Katangese

  • A native or inhabitant of Katanga.

    ‘The Katangese were thus restricted to exercising a variant of self-determination and no issue arose under the African Charter.’
    • ‘After hours of deliberation - and torture - the Katangese decided to execute the three prisoners the same night.’
    • ‘Eleven days after the Congolese declaration of independence, the Katangese declared their own secession from the Congo, and their independence endured for 3 years.’
    • ‘Long desirous of their own independent state, the Katangese can be expected to support the National Union in exchange for military help in their own struggle for self-determination.’
    • ‘Whether The Katangese consist of one or more ethnic groups is, for this purpose immaterial and no evidence has been adduced to that effect.’


  • Relating to the Katangese.

    ‘A flag used by a Katangese military unit has red saltires, with arms of equal length and width and rounded ends.’
    • ‘One might also wonder how it was possible that - with some exceptions - transports from the Katangese mines to Iran could have passed unnoticed.’
    • ‘In pursuance of this, a firm request would be made by me to all Member Governments to apply such a ban especially to Katangese copper and cobalt.’
    • ‘The organisation urged the international community to take note of the dangers posed by the current arming of the civilian Katangese population.’
    • ‘The split between Kasaian and Katangese Luba thus played directly into the hands of Conakat and its European partners.’