Meaning of katsura in English:


Pronunciation /katˈsʊərə/


  • 1An ornamental East Asian tree which has leaves that resemble those of the Judas tree and light, fine-grained timber.

    Cercidiphyllum japonicum, the only member of the family Cercidiphyllaceae

    ‘At the rear of the property, a pond is formed by raised beds filled with white azaleas, a katsura tree, rhododendrons, a tree fern, a tall viburnum, and other shade-loving plants.’
    • ‘For the blocks only wood from cherry, magnolia and katsura trees is used.’
    • ‘At the northwest side of the Japanese garden is an immense katsura tree covered with heart-shaped leaves.’
    • ‘Kaisaniemi Garden has some of the largest sycamores, Manchurian maples, American limes, cork trees, and katsuras in Finland.’
    • ‘Two katsuras are located within 10 feet of each other.’
  • 2A type of Japanese wig worn mainly by women.

    ‘Katsura wigs are not worn directly over the hair, traditionally.’
    • ‘The katsura is worn for wedding ceremonies and traditional Japanese dancing and stage performances.’


Early 20th century from Japanese.