Meaning of kawa in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːwə/


mass nounNew Zealand
  • Maori protocol and etiquette, particularly the behaviour expected in a Maori meeting house.

    ‘the programme structure strongly reflects traditional kawa’
    • ‘They have called for research methodologies that validate the authenticity of Maori pedagogy and kawa.’
    • ‘The programme has taken some care to successfully combine cognitive-behavioural psychology with Maori kawa.’
    • ‘That behaviour is contrary to Ngapuhi kawa.’
    • ‘I know for a fact, too, that some Maori prisoners are under so much stress, from having different cultural aspects of their kawa forced on them, that some of them have entered mental institutions.’
    • ‘Knowledge of local kawa would be required to identify breaches.’
    • ‘This should be taught by our old kaumatua who know the kawa of that particular area.’
    • ‘Included in the planning has been instigating hui on the kawa under which the marae will function.’
    • ‘It's an intricate part of my culture of my tikanga and kawa, so what's the crime about that?’
    • ‘Despite attempts to follow Maori kawa, a senior Australian politician was accidentally placed in the front row.’
    • ‘Different marae have different kawa for speaking, including the order of speeches and whether all the hosts go first or they alternate with visitors.’