Meaning of kazoo in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈzuː/


  • A small, simple musical instrument consisting of a hollow pipe with a hole in it, over which is a thin covering that vibrates and adds a buzzing sound when the player sings or hums into the pipe.

    ‘There's a brief accordion intro, leading to what sounds like a kazoo lament accompanied by someone scraping a few pieces of metal and wood together.’
    • ‘Set up for lock grooves on three record players, Suzuki's sounds at times approximate ducks on a pond, kazoos, and Tuvan throat singers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the transfer is so bad that the orchestra sounds like a bunch of kazoos.’
    • ‘It also needs to have work done to make sure the orchestra doesn't sound like a bunch of kazoos.’
    • ‘Summery acoustic guitars jostle with squirts of digital noise, arcing horns and what sounds like a solo played on a giant kazoo shoved through a fuzz pedal.’
    • ‘Buy a kazoo or plastic harmonica for every family member for a little added accompaniment.’
    • ‘I can play guitar, bass, drums and harmonica (also kazoo, but anyone can do’
    • ‘During the bridge for the latter, the MCs chimed in on kazoos to the audience's surprise and delight.’
    • ‘If I hold the end just the right way and breathe out briskly, I can make a sound just like a kazoo.’
    • ‘For those expecting the talking kazoo he increasingly resembles these days, nearly every track reminds us of how wonderfully expressive Dylan's voice was three decades ago.’
    • ‘Accompanied by some cheap black sambucca (which was actually green), a small guitar, and three kazoos, we head to Hyde Park fountain for a few hours of pointless hysterical jamming.’
    • ‘Protesters played tambourines, shakers and kazoos.’
    • ‘This sampling method gives a good indication of the quality of the overall kazoo production run.’
    • ‘The museum highlights history, amusing trivia, and shows step by step the way kazoos are made.’
    • ‘Our handsome kazoos are made from quality cherry wood and are inlayed with intricate specialty wood designs.’
    • ‘The company now assembles and custom-stamps its kazoos on Industrial Avenue in Port Richey.’
    • ‘If some seem to be getting frustrated, encourage other students to teach them how to get their kazoo working.’
    • ‘Notice how the the kazoo buzzes and vibrates to amplify (make louder) the sound of your voice.’
    • ‘It's the only original metal kazoo factory operating in the world.’
    • ‘For older children, you can get them involved in making the kazoos.’


Late 19th century apparently imitative of the sound produced.