Meaning of keener in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkiːnə(r)/


  • 1A person who wails or sings in grief for a dead person.

    ‘a team of five keeners was hired to cry on the way to escort their father to the crematorium’
    • ‘They spent a total of 1,000 yuan on hiring the keeners, all poor men and women who were mobilized to form a band on their own.’
    • ‘In the end the keeners stalked the funeral processions screaming and shrieking all the more like vengeful banshees and had to be chased by the priests.’
    • ‘At times there are echoes of the raw Gaelic keeners who sang the songs of the dispossessed.’
    • ‘In all kinds of societies throughout human history professional mourners, wailers or keeners, have been paid to produce hireling tears.’
  • 2Canadian, British informal, dialect A person who is extremely eager, zealous, or enthusiastic.

    • ‘for the real keeners, tickets can be purchased in advance’
    • ‘For you keeners out there, "highly active" is classified as 12,500 steps per day.’
    • ‘If you leave the voting to those keeners who were in line on Tuesday morning, then you might as well get used to not having a vote at all.’
    • ‘Their eighth full-length album is still in the works, but keeners can get an early listen as they will test driving some new tracks at this gig.’
    • ‘For adult astronomy keeners or for kids with some scientific enthusiasm, Skywatcher's Inn is delightful.’
    • ‘Being the resourceful individuals that we are, we soon moved up into empty front-row-center seats that some keeners paid $100 a piece for.’
    • ‘In standard teen movies, they would be the overachieving geeks, the keeners that spent most of high school either buried in homework or watching geeky shows.’
    • ‘My limits of being a nerdy keener were always tested with assigned reading lists in university.’
    • ‘I am going to confess to being a little bit of a keener, I did mine yesterday and did not go drinking.’
    • ‘I was met at the airport by a couple of students: Alejandro, a keener in horn-rimmed nerd glasses, and Monica, a smart but silent type.’
    • ‘This is the kind of show that has you blathering like a wide-eyed teenage keener for weeks afterwards.’