Meaning of keep a check on in English:

keep a check on


  • Monitor.

    ‘keep a regular check on your score’
    • ‘She said: ‘We will be keeping a check on who is going where so we can monitor movement and make sure we don't get a recurrence of the disease.’’
    • ‘He suggested keeping a check on how employees dealt with the public - perhaps by pretending to be a customer.’
    • ‘On the wet days they'd sit in my shop and one would look out of one window and the other out of the opposite window to keep a check on what was going on.’
    • ‘Where the state is potentially depriving individuals of their liberty, we need to be able to keep a check on who these individuals are and what they have done.’
    • ‘Information on the hotline is passed on to local councils and the Environment Agency every day so they can track down offenders and keep a check on the problem.’
    • ‘The committees provide the members of Parliament an opportunity to examine the functioning of the government and thereby keep a check on it.’
    • ‘Everyone kept a check on their neighbours' movements, ready to point the finger if the disease should be found.’
    • ‘Jennifer did visit her friend regularly last year, but kept a check on her from a distance.’
    • ‘Now university chiefs are keeping a check on air quality to make sure levels of gases are below limits set by the Health and Safety Executive.’
    • ‘I've been so absorbed in the conversation I forgot about keeping a check on the tape levels.’