Meaning of keep down in English:

keep down

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phrasal verb

  • 1Stay hidden by crouching or lying down.

    ‘Keep down! There's someone coming’
    • ‘The building was full of smoke, so I held my breath, kept down low and squirted the contents of the extinguisher.’
    • ‘‘Keep down, and don't even breathe!’ I whispered.’
    • ‘As we neared the shore we were ordered to keep down to avoid getting wounded should the enemy start shelling the incoming craft.’
    • ‘I'm much taller than the children on the field and they keep hissing at me to keep down.’
  • 2keep something down, keep down somethingCause something to remain at a low level.

    ‘the population of aphids is normally kept down by other animals’
    • ‘They had kept the noise down to an acceptable level.’
    • ‘Like all the other high street retailers it was striving to cut costs to keep prices down and remain competitive.’
    • ‘They want flexible design, but staff costs kept down.’
    • ‘On the positive side, Bulgarian resourcefulness in recycling and reuse has kept down the volume of waste.’
    • ‘One other way that the cost of living could be kept down is by Government refraining from increasing taxes of any kind.’
    • ‘He said that prices will be kept down even if it meant forgoing some profit.’
    • ‘He said the fares were being kept down to reasonable levels despite the steep increase in petrol prices.’
    • ‘We are keeping down congestion levels and increasing dramatically the number of people who travel by public transport.’
    • ‘The average occupancy is nine months and intensive management is the key to our success in keeping down the number of empty flats.’
    • ‘More pay for women, better childcare and better quality workers through continuous training are the keys to keeping down unemployment in Ireland.’
  • 3keep something down, keep down somethingRetain food or drink in one's stomach without vomiting.

    ‘all I could keep down was water’
    • ‘Mild nausea and occasional vomiting aren't a threat to your baby's health as long as you're able to keep some food down and drink plenty of fluids.’
    • ‘He was thirsty, but couldn't keep the water down after he drank it.’
    • ‘I can feel his upper body tense up as he's fighting to keep the food down, and pass him a glass of water.’
    • ‘She had been sick before but when I rang last night they said she had kept her food down and I was able to speak to her and she seems all right.’
    • ‘She eventually lost her voice and couldn't keep any food down.’
    • ‘I managed to keep the food down but didn't feel any better until I had a couple of bottles of beer early evening.’
    • ‘His stomach had barely kept the coffee down that morning.’
    • ‘You're cold and tired because your blood pressure is low and you've been unable to keep any food down.’
    • ‘The child could keep no food down, and grew weaker by the day.’
    • ‘His stomach is a bit irritable, but he's kept down macaroni and cheese and some pretzels.’
    digest, keep down, find palatable, manage to consume, manage to eat, swallow
  • 4keep someone down, keep down someoneCause someone to remain in a state of oppression or subjection.

    ‘others doubted the injury would keep him down that long’
    • ‘Even an investigation by the Inland Revenue's special compliance unit and a brain tumour could not keep him down.’
    • ‘He was out there to prove that nothing was going to keep him down and full credit to him.’
    • ‘Work is shown as unremitting drudgery, keeping us down and continually reminding us of our essential failure.’
    • ‘This was never out of any desire to see women treated with respect as equals - rather it was one way of keeping us down.’
    • ‘I used to think that all women, like most men, were kept down by the evil capitalists who controlled the country, but I never saw myself as carrying this oppressive gene.’
    • ‘He's ticked off because he's being robbed and humiliated right now, kept down by poverty and the lack of a level playing field.’
    • ‘Stop whining about how the system is keeping you down!’
    • ‘We are in no way an underdog province beneath the thumb of a national environment ministry bent on keeping us down.’
    • ‘We live in a negative world where we are constantly bombarded with bad news, hurtful gossip and sometimes people we hold in high regard trying to keep us down all the time.’
    • ‘Yes, we're suffering, yes, we're on our knees, but you're not going to keep us down.’
    keep in subjection, keep in submission, hold down, keep down, keep under one's thumb, subdue, subject, suppress, repress, oppress, tyrannize over, tyrannize
  • 5keep someone down, keep down someoneBritish Make a pupil repeat a year at school because of poor marks.

    ‘is a child who fails a year test to be kept down?’
    • ‘It is extended to students somewhat forcibly, to attend morning school during the long vacation to avoid being kept down the following year.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, by comparison with the other students, I was quite backward, and so bad at mathematics in particular that I was kept down an entire year.’
    • ‘I was that disruptive in class that they kept me down a level.’
    • ‘I was kept down at school 3 years in a row.’