Meaning of keep in with in English:

keep in with

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phrasal verb

  • keep in with someoneRemain on good terms with someone.

    ‘he was simply trying to keep in with his friends’
    • ‘She would always be very decent to you, and would keep in with all the right people politically, but you always ended up wondering how much you could trust her.’
    • ‘I have an RNLI Mastercard - they are important people to keep in with if you live somewhere that you can only get to by boat.’
    • ‘Rebecca is a meek young girl who tries to keep in with all her colleagues.’
    • ‘I think I shall keep my vote secret the better to keep in with incompatible groups of friends and out with incompatible groups of enemies.’
    • ‘Jack opened an exhibition at the Castle on the life of James the Sixth; he'll do anything to keep in with the Royals.’
    • ‘I'd better keep in with everyone because I wouldn't like to be fighting for my place with this great minor team coming up.’
    • ‘She was contemptuous of him knowing the right answer but acting dumb to keep in with his mates.’
    • ‘People who are entitled to more don't take it because they think they must keep in with the boss.’
    • ‘The strike was not held back by the desire to keep in with Labour.’
    • ‘It's quite normal for teenagers to want to keep in with friends - and to do things that help them belong to the group.’