Meaning of keep nit in English:

keep nit


informal Australian
  • Keep watch or act as a guard.

    • ‘If you keep nit while a burglary is conducted, you're guilty of the burglary even though you haven't even entered the property.’
    • ‘Their caution, if slight, remained, each kept nit by rote, all had their something to contribute though.’
    • ‘Well, I started it, and I say that we keep nit here, and not turn it into a separate board.’
    • ‘Lesbians sat in the front window keeping nit for anyone with a police or armed forces haircut or demeanor and with a yell from one of them, the place would clear out a back entrance in a flash.’
    • ‘He had kept nit, even though he had entered with it strapped to his back.’
    • ‘I'll keep nit for you if you want.’
    • ‘Brandy breaks the equipment down to see Joe again and Phyllis keeps nit.’