Meaning of keep on about in English:

keep on about

phrasal verb

  • keep on about somethingSpeak about something repeatedly.

    ‘they kept on about negotiating an end to the war’
    • ‘The preamble kept on about how many Stop the War demonstrations there had been in Trafalgar Square, unquestionably assuming that all right-thinking people would be of the same opinion.’
    • ‘That old man kept on about how the Puerto Ricans were coming around ruining his neighborhood, he had no idea that his real enemy was me.’
    • ‘I still haven't checked my cupboards for this damn contaminated food my Mother keeps on about.’
    • ‘I told him he ought to just ask her to dinner or something, but he kept on about how he was going to have to impress her.’
    • ‘She kept on about how they go drinking and how much fun they have on the beach at night.’
    • ‘Haley's friend apologised but Bradley kept on about it so Haley told him to stop moaning and get on with his game.’
    • ‘But my Uncle was insistent and kept on about it being bizarre me wearing it.’
    • ‘Everyone keeps on about a new start for the New Year but I just feel sluggish and in desperate need of a major make-over.’
    • ‘‘We keep on about needing to do things for young people affordable housing, skate parks but we don't deliver,’ he said.’
    • ‘So does she get upset when journalists keep on about it?’
    talk constantly, talk endlessly, talk repeatedly, keep talking, go on, go on talking, go on and on, dwell on the subject, refer to repeatedly, repeat oneself, ramble on, rant on