Meaning of keep one's chin up in English:

keep one's chin up


  • Remain cheerful in difficult circumstances.

    • ‘keep your chin up, we're not lost yet’
    • ‘He has kept his chin up throughout his treatment and this award would be something good after having such a bad year.’
    • ‘Hairdressers from Williams and Griffin were drafted in to perform the shave and Grace very bravely kept her chin up as her beautiful locks were chopped.’
    • ‘I intend to fight back and regain my place on the panel and the only way to do that is by keeping my chin up and continuing with my training.’
    • ‘‘She said to me, ‘You just have to keep your chin up.’
    • ‘Amy's parents will find it just as hard as I did but the most important thing is that you keep your chin up and don't give up hope.’
    • ‘The main motto of finding work in Sydney is to actively make it your occupation to find an occupation; door knock, badger people, or you can even beg if you want to, but most importantly keep your chin up.’
    • ‘However, if you keep your chin up, you can accomplish anything.’
    • ‘Memories of your relationship come flooding back and you spend a few days deciding if you should politely decline and send a nice gift, or keep your chin up and RSVP yes.’
    • ‘Sport your suit and keep your chin up and go to Bar St-Laurent on Tuesdays.’
    • ‘When you're down, its absolutely important that you keep your chin up and keep on fighting.’
    • ‘So keep your chin up, dig in to work and rejoice in the fact that the weekend is almost here.’
    • ‘Dad says keep your chin up and your head down and most of all please keep safe.’
    • ‘When I told them about the debacle at Emery, the D.C. program directors told me to keep my chin up and work harder.’
    • ‘Charlie tells her to keep her chin up and then he disappears.’
    • ‘Suzanne Pender talks to Bernadette Fleming who has vowed to keep her chin up against all the odds’
    • ‘I kept my chin up and borrowed a couple of books for references for my report about the difference between a Shape shifter demon and a Beast demon.’
    • ‘I kept my chin up and held back any memories that would cause me to so much as get watery in the eyes.’
    • ‘He never once gave a second thought to hating on himself and he kept his chin up through those dark days of the 1960s when all hell was breakin’ loose because America didn't listen.’
    • ‘Instead she kept her chin up and walked away from his cell.’
    • ‘And somehow she keeps her chin up despite her domineering father and her own lingering sense of disappointment, which together conspire to prevent her from being her own person.’