Meaning of keep one's eyes open in English:

keep one's eyes open


(also keep one's eyes peeled)
  • Be on the alert; watch carefully or vigilantly for something.

    ‘ keep your eyes peeled for a phonebox’
    • ‘She said: ‘The local community have supported us so well and now we want them to keep their eyes open and to be vigilant.’’
    • ‘I'll try to keep my eyes open and watch for them for you, but I don't think they'll come.’
    • ‘But you've just got to keep your eyes open and watch out for the other cars.’
    • ‘Elea kept her eyes peeled, staying alert for possible guard movement or an alarm.’
    • ‘Young Marco is instructed by his father to keep his eyes open and be attentive to all that is around him as he walks along Mulberry Street and to report back to him.’
    • ‘They kept their eyes open and watched intently for any signs of the rabbit.’
    • ‘You will have to remain vigilant and keep your eyes peeled.’
    • ‘Students and parents can be alerted to keep their eyes open for printers.’
    • ‘I knew I couldn't sleep, but I still had to keep my eyes open to watch for skirmishers, or raiders sneaking up on us in the night.’
    • ‘This time, she decided to keep her eyes open, and she watched, as the green flames seemed to rise from the floor and surround her.’