Meaning of keep one's figure in English:

keep one's figure


  • Retain a slim and attractive bodily shape.

    ‘He shops and cooks for her - ‘I fell in love and lost my figure’ - and she is deliriously happy.’
    • ‘Why worry about life - you'll only end up losing your figure!’
    • ‘Mother, I can hardly expect to attract Evan's attention if I don't keep my figure.’
    • ‘She wasn't well-educated, had no profession and had lost her figure and gone to fat.’
    • ‘I tease her sometimes about how she keeps her figure.’
    • ‘Now by no means am I obese or anything, but I actually have to work at keeping my figure, not that I have much of one.’
    • ‘You may be confused by my lack of appetite, but I honestly don't know how you manage to keep your figure with all that sugar!’
    • ‘Alex you never pass up a meal and it still amazes me how you can keep your figure!’
    • ‘If she wants to become an actress, she needs to keep her figure.’
    • ‘She always managed to keep her figure somehow.’