Meaning of keep one's hands clean in English:

keep one's hands clean


  • Not involve oneself in an immoral act.

    ‘Franco kept his own hands clean by using others to impose his will’
    • ‘When the chips were down the game's governing body refused to get involved and preferred to keep their hands clean.’
    • ‘The philosophy seemed to be that you don't catch grubs by keeping your hands clean.’
    • ‘You can keep your hands clean, or you can keep many more people alive.’
    • ‘You may throw it yourself or you may arrange for it to be leaked in a manner that will keep your hands clean.’
    • ‘They believed you could be a key player in international politics yet keep your hands clean.’
    • ‘This means they can keep their hands clean at all times.’
    • ‘But my cynical side says that the primary advantage governments see to legalizing the sale of needles is that it allows them to keep their hands clean.’
    • ‘It combines the childish fascination of gross toys with an adult sensibility that lets sober critics keep their hands clean.’
    • ‘But her desire to keep her hands clean of them was also, one suspects, an act of self preservation.’
    • ‘He probably did this all the time, watched innocent people die while keeping his hands clean.’