Meaning of keep one's temper in English:

keep one's temper


  • Retain composure when angry.

    ‘it took all her patience to keep her temper’
    • ‘She is frightened at first, and then becomes angry, soon losing her temper.’
    • ‘I always got angry easily and would lose my temper like that.’
    • ‘General Powell lost his temper and fired the gun into the air.’
    • ‘I know that both times I was wrong for blowing up and losing my temper, but it was extremely hard not to.’
    • ‘Charles exploded, losing his temper and nearly shouting at his shocked son.’
    • ‘When teachers and parents inflict bodily punishment on children to discipline them, that means those adults themselves do not possess patience - they lose their temper.’
    • ‘Jennifer was getting angry at him, but she kept her temper in check.’
    • ‘‘I want to be left alone. ‘Leon was starting to get angry, but he had to keep his temper in check.’’
    • ‘You just lost your temper with me, didn't you?’
    • ‘He went on: ‘For some reason we shall never know why you lost your temper.’’
    composure, equanimity, self-control, self-possession, sangfroid, coolness, calm, calmness, tranquillity, good humour