Meaning of keep someone company in English:

keep someone company

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(also bear someone company)
  • 1Accompany or spend time with someone in order to prevent them feeling lonely or bored.

    ‘at weekends I kept my father company’
    • ‘And here I was hoping to keep you company in this huge lonely palace, but you already have someone to entertain you.’
    • ‘You asked me to sit with you, to keep you company because you were lonely.’
    • ‘He had politely introduced himself out of the blue and spent a whole day insisting he keep me company and patiently following me around until he finally won me over with his charm.’
    • ‘But listen, don't drop by the house this weekend to keep me company or anything, alright?’
    • ‘And as for me, I wouldn't mind if you kept me company until your father gets here.’
    • ‘And now Poppy has a new companion to keep her company.’
    • ‘They let me take one for a small fee and I had a companion to keep me company during the day.’
    • ‘He was still single, but had an adopted son to keep him company on his travels.’
    • ‘What she wanted to say was that she missed her family, and although the house was elegant, and the land and horses were her dream, times were lonely without someone there to keep her company.’
    • ‘Now it was simply to spend a bit more time with her, to keep her company and just to make up for all the time she hadn't been there.’
    accompany, go with, go along with, travel with, tag along with, partner, escort, chaperone, attend, follow, conduct, lead, take, show, see, guide, steer, usher, pilot, convoy, help, assist, show someone the way
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    1. 1.1Engage in the same activity as someone else in order to be sociable.
      • ‘I'll have a drink myself, just to keep you company’