Meaning of keep someone guessing in English:

keep someone guessing


  • Leave someone uncertain or in doubt as to one's intentions or plans.

    • ‘To some extent I think it's the playwright's intention to keep us guessing.’
    • ‘This was intentionally to keep you guessing, which by itself isn't a bad thing.’
    • ‘Here, the agenda is wrapped up quite nicely in a complex relationship that keeps us guessing about Alice's true intentions.’
    • ‘But they were kept guessing by the weather until the day itself, with heavy rain falling during the days in the run-up to the event.’
    • ‘I was disappointed - they should have kept us guessing.’
    • ‘But she kept them guessing, only confirming her presence after winning last weekend's Irish championship.’
    • ‘The plot kept me guessing and I didn't see the twist end coming at all - which is extremely rare…’
    • ‘But there was one booth in particular that kept me guessing.’
    • ‘Here, it was a citrus sauce with a packet-mix consistency and overpowering artificial flavourings that kept me guessing.’
    • ‘I am confident it meant something, though what it was kept me guessing.’