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phrasal verb

  • 1keep to somethingAvoid leaving a path, road, or place.

    ‘I didn't have his faith in the traffic, so I kept to the edge of the kerb’
    • ‘She made up her mind that if she went one way, keeping to a straight path, she would eventually find the edge of the forest.’
    • ‘Mr Timm added that followers were permitted to meet the hunt wherever they came from, as long as they kept to the roads and did not stray on to the surrounding fields.’
    • ‘And off I sailed, keeping to the main road which was quite dry, and well salted.’
    • ‘There are signs everywhere asking walkers not to cause further damage to the fragile moorland and to keep to the path, but it is obvious that many just don't care about the damage they cause.’
    • ‘Near the folly, a sign reads ‘Danger please keep to path, dangerous crevasses’.’
    • ‘Keep to the main access road which bears right and climbs gradually to the lane crossroads.’
    • ‘Special hi-tech cats' eyes have been set into the road to help drivers keep to the carriageway.’
    • ‘Cross the bridge and keep to the tarmac path from here which leads back to the car park.’
    • ‘He added: ‘All we ask is that people stay away from livestock, keep to the paths and don't take dogs.’’
    • ‘Traditionally at warm-up, teams keep to their respective ends of the pitch.’
    follow, follow closely, stick to, stay on
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    1. 1.1Adhere to a schedule.
      ‘the administration has kept to a tight timetable’
      • ‘The secret of keeping to an exercise schedule is to make it enjoyable and this man sure knows how to do it.’
      • ‘It is impossible to keep to any kind of schedule.’
      • ‘I kept to a regular schedule as much as possible, leaving myself the morning hours to get what I needed to do done and going to bed in the late afternoon.’
      • ‘Buses are getting later and later and drivers are getting more stressed out trying to keep to impossible schedules.’
      • ‘His only hope is that he won't be kept to a tight timetable.’
      • ‘Drivers and railway staff work under intense stress to keep to the tight timetables.’
      • ‘We will adhere to the deadlines and keep to the timetable.’
      • ‘He set a rigorous study schedule for himself and worked hard to keep to it.’
      • ‘If I can't keep to my routines I feel anxious.’
      • ‘However, work is being halted following failure to keep to the deadlines for completing construction.’
    2. 1.2Observe a promise.
      ‘she was anxious to keep to her resolve to lay before him all the facts’
      • ‘We could be crucial in scrutinising whether the government keeps to its promises about reconstruction.’
      • ‘We are trying to ensure Lincolnshire officials keep to that Government promise.’
      • ‘I have managed to keep to my promise to get back to the gym.’
      • ‘However, the government has not kept to its promise.’
      • ‘I told you I am not running, and I am keeping to that promise.’
      • ‘If you keep to that promise and do all my chores for the rest of the year, then I won't speak a word of it to anyone else.’
      • ‘And let us all hope that this and future administrations keep to those promises.’
      • ‘Either Zach made a promise to change, and kept to it, or she was out of his life forever.’
      • ‘‘You made a solemn promise to your friends, keep to it,’ he advised them.’
      • ‘Since 2000, the Executive has kept to its commitment to limit increases in the poundage rate to inflation.’
      obey, abide by, observe, follow, comply with, adhere to, act in accordance with, conform to, be governed by, respect, defer to
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    3. 1.3Confine or restrict oneself to something.
      ‘nothing is more irritating than people who do not keep to the point’
      • ‘Although now I drank a wide range of fluids I still kept to the restricted salad, fruit and lean food diet.’
      • ‘Instead, the vast majority of people who drive sensibly and keep to speed limits will have to live with ridiculous restrictions and longer queues as a result.’
      • ‘Ensure that topics of conversation are kept to literary or academic subjects.’
      • ‘Yet Edwards didn't lose his cool, kept to his talking points (even if he did so a little too much), and was occasionally downright charming.’
      • ‘They mostly skipped the ‘controversy’ and kept to interviews with the actors and theologians.’
      • ‘He has kept to the script so far, but needs to actually start putting figures on things.’
      • ‘If Labour is hoping for a nice, tidy Scottish campaign, where everybody keeps to non-devolved issues and avoids the Scottish dimension, it could be in for a surprise.’
      • ‘To help you to keep to the point of your letter, you can draw up an outline to plan your letter.’
      • ‘To Manchester's credit they performed admirably and kept to their game plan right to the death.’
      • ‘This time I obeyed all the traffic rules and kept to a safe speed.’
      stick to, restrict oneself to, confine oneself to
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