Meaning of keep to oneself in English:

keep to oneself


  • Avoid contact with others.

    ‘they kept to themselves and were a source of mystery and speculation’
    • ‘Hidden from civilisation and resisting all attempts at contact, they had kept to themselves.’
    • ‘I had the attacks several times a month and tried desperately to prevent them by keeping to myself and avoiding any social situations.’
    • ‘They have been avoiding the whole Los Angeles scene, preferring to keep to themselves.’
    • ‘I kept to myself for most of the morning, hoping to avoid everyone else.’
    • ‘‘They were genuinely nice, kept to themselves and were always seen out walking together,’ said one local.’
    • ‘The younger ones, by contrast, kept to themselves more, talking intensely in quiet voices and casting a chilly eye on strangers.’
    • ‘Living as she did in a colony where the neighbors kept to themselves, she was virtually a prisoner within her home.’
    • ‘He spoke with a few villagers but mostly kept to himself.’
    • ‘Neighbours said he kept to himself but would always say hello.’
    • ‘She said her brother, the eldest of nine children, was a man who kept to himself.’