Meaning of keep your shirt on in English:

keep your shirt on


  • Don't lose your temper; stay calm.

    • ‘You'll also read about brandy's rules, dress for success, chill on the jewelry, polish your cleats, hike up your socks, and, OK, keep your shirt on.’
    • ‘‘All right, all right, geez, keep your shirt on, please,’ said Victoria as she got up and was about to walk into the water.’
    • ‘She crossed her arms and gave him a patient look, ‘Well, if you would keep your shirt on, maybe you wouldn't get dirty.’’
    • ‘‘Keep your shirt on, will you?’ her colleague said, but he didn't raise his club again.’
    • ‘I told him to keep his shirt on, no matter what the provocation.’
    • ‘You're gonna be ten minutes late, so just keep your shirt on.’