Meaning of keftedes in English:


Pronunciation /kɛfˈtɛðiːz/

plural noun

  • (in Greek cooking) small meatballs made with herbs and onions.

    ‘In the event, father-of-three Whittock came away with just £1,000 after falling foul of a cookery question and insisting that Greek keftedes, or meatballs, were sweet pastries.’
    • ‘The best dishes we sampled were meatballs similar to Greek keftedes, full of garlic and spices, in a thin but tasty tomato-based sauce.’
    • ‘While entertaining, try out some Greek recipes, such as keftedes or loukoumades.’
    • ‘Maybe if you didn't stuff your fat face so full of keftedes and retsina Mark, you might be able to run around and score a few more goals.’


From Greek kephtedes, plural of kephtes, via Turkish from Persian koftah (see kofta).