Meaning of Kendal mint cake in English:

Kendal mint cake

Pronunciation /kɛndlˈmɪntkeɪk/


mass noun
  • A hard peppermint-flavoured sweet which is sold in flat rectangular blocks and is popular with ramblers and hill climbers.

    ‘Mr Wilson said that EU rules now required the percentage of ingredients, such as peppermint oil in Kendal mint cake, to be added to the existing ingredients list.’
    • ‘It was he who realised the potential of Kendal mint cake as an energy supplier, and it was he who supplied the 1914-1917 Transarctic Expedition under the command of Sir Edward Shackleton.’
    • ‘The visitors' disappointment at losing was tempered by the excellent hospitality and atmosphere provided at the inn, together with a special gift of Kendal mint cake!’
    • ‘The occasional hiker might pocket a box of Kendal mint cake or even buy the latest Ordnance Survey map.’
    • ‘The Lake District is where the ruddy-cheeked, bucolic English middle classes come out to play, filling the air with happy braying and the whiff of Kendal mint cake.’
    • ‘Never mind, we got some Kendal mint cake, which is the important thing’
    • ‘No wonder all we ever get for Christmas from that neck of the woods is Kendal mint cake.’