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mass nounBritish
  • The action or practice of driving slowly along the edge of the road in search of a prostitute.

    ‘measures to control kerb-crawling’
    • ‘When Milan outlawed kerb-crawling in 1998, prostitutes put on running shoes and jogged alongside prospective clients' cars, negotiating their prices.’
    • ‘The MP said she feared that the plan to make kerb-crawling illegal could force prostitutes to disperse even more, putting their safety further at risk.’
    • ‘What's the point if you don't tackle kerb-crawling and prostitution?’
    • ‘It was not until 1985 that the law penalized the client for kerb-crawling, even though for many years it had penalized prostitutes for soliciting in the street.’
    • ‘Police in Bolton are to crack down on kerb-crawling following the murder of two prostitutes in the town.’
    • ‘During a divisional vice operation in the Listerhills area, four men were arrested for kerb-crawling and three women were detained for soliciting.’
    • ‘A strong warning has been sent to men who trawl Rochdale's streets for sex after four were caught kerb-crawling in what the police described as a ‘name and shame’ operation.’
    • ‘Of the 256 men who have been caught kerb-crawling and have subsequently taken part in a course run by the police to stop them re-offending only three men have been caught trying to buy sex again.’
    • ‘Previously, anyone stopped by police for kerb-crawling would be issued with a summons, but under the new law they would be handcuffed, arrested and liable to appear promptly in court.’
    • ‘The jury did not know he had convictions for kerb-crawling in 1994 and, the following year, for indecently assaulting a girl under the age of 14.’
    • ‘A deputy head teacher has been suspended from a North Lincolnshire primary school, awaiting trial on charges of kerb-crawling.’
    • ‘What would a representative of such an august organ be doing in an urban fastness of Fife at 11.30 pm if it was not kerb-crawling?’
    • ‘The deterrents could well prove useful in deterring them from kerb-crawling and helping to make Goitside respectable again.’
    • ‘A deputy headteacher's career is in ruins after he was convicted of kerb-crawling in a notorious red light area.’
    • ‘From the beginning of April the plainclothes officers will identify and arrest those suspected of kerb-crawling.’
    • ‘Patrols were stepped up as plain-clothed officers set out to caution men caught kerb-crawling.’