Meaning of kerbing in English:



mass noun
  • 1The stones collectively forming a kerb.

    • ‘He supplies the building trade and hardware stores with patio slabs, kerbing, wall capping, panel fencing and sills.’
    • ‘Shop fronts are also to be improved, she added, as well as the introduction of new kerbing, and time-limited car parking.’
    • ‘Deputy central Hampshire coroner Simon Burge voiced concerns about the safety of kerbing on a stretch of the A31.’
    • ‘The scheme includes widening the path, moving gullies and streetlights, and putting in new kerbing.’
    • ‘The path around two sides will be concreted and higher kerbing used.’
    • ‘The work will involve providing improved drainage, new kerbing and a new surface layer of carriageway.’
    • ‘This would help pay for a new bus shelter and kerbing to improve access for passengers.’
    • ‘These build-out areas will comprise mostly of green areas with kerbing around the roadside edges.’
    • ‘The result is a plan which includes traffic calming measures, upgrading of local kerbing and footpaths, and a general tidy up of the village.’
    • ‘Council workers are filling in around the new lampposts and repairing chipped kerbing and cracked pavements.’
    • ‘Mayo County Council improved the footpaths, kerbing and road system in the village in 1988.’
    • ‘The kerbing for the new footpaths has been put in place recently.’
    • ‘New paving and kerbing enhance the appearance of the town considerably and one would like to see this extended further.’
    • ‘Much of the work done on the square was functional such as the replacement of kerbing, paving and road resurfacing.’
    • ‘It has been decided to put in new kerbing on the roadway and carpark at Callow Church.’
    • ‘But the painted kerbing and the gaily-coloured banners can't disguise the extent of the social and educational deprivation of this community.’
    • ‘He said the agency had trained local people to build a 3,750 km pavement with 2,2km of kerbing.’
    • ‘However, drivers were not impressed with recent work done on the raising the kerbing around the Reid Park section.’
    • ‘He also said cars are unable to pass by parked cars in the same area without being forced up on the kerbing and grass margins.’
    • ‘Last week, while laying kerbing, the contractor I hired accidentally punctured the gas pipeline.’
  • 2The action of hitting a kerb with a car tyre, leading to possible damage to the tyre.