Meaning of kerosene tin in English:

kerosene tin


mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • A large metal container for the storage and transport of kerosene.

    ‘water was collected in kerosene tins from a spring in the side of the cliff’
    • ‘He stores his potatoes next to leaking kerosene tins.’
    • ‘It took quite a while to pick enough peas to fill a kerosene tin.’
    • ‘The workshop held a rattling collection of tools in cut down kerosene tins.’
    • ‘Spirit distillation equipment proved simple: a kerosene tin, a water pot and a couple of lengths of metal piping.’
    • ‘We cooked in kerosene tins on their side with the fire in between.’
    • ‘He fished the Maori River, catching the stuff by the kerosene tin full back in those days.’
    • ‘His original safes, made from packing cases and split kerosene tins, are highly collectable.’
    • ‘The noise could be the clanking of a kerosene tin.’
    • ‘Weights and measures are more or less nonexistent, but kerosene tins and empty 30-30 shell casings have been used as measures.’
    • ‘He'd brought a kerosene tin full of something for me.’