Meaning of kesh in English:


Pronunciation /keɪʃ/


(also kes)
mass noun
  • The uncut hair and beard worn as one of the five distinguishing signs of the Sikh Khalsa.

    ‘They discussed the challenges of racism, such as Sikhs not being allowed to serve in the police force/armed forces of the U.S. while wearing a turban and keeping their kesh.’
    • ‘It is not to say that you have less love and devotion for Sikhism or are less religious than the majorihv who keep their kesh.’
    • ‘Because of their Kesh, Sikh men wear their hair tied up in a bun and hidden by a turban.’
    • ‘Since all Sikhs pledge to not cut their hair, Kesh reminds Sikhs of their equality, and removes reason for pride.’
    • ‘I wanted to keep my Kes, so I didn't have a hair cut for a long time.’


From Punjabi keś.