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mass noun
  • A smooth sauce made chiefly from tomatoes and vinegar, used as a relish.

    ‘Dip the fish and chips into the tomato ketchup and tartare sauce as desired.’
    • ‘I helped myself to sachets of ketchup and tartare sauce and tucked into my fish.’
    • ‘The tables were neatly set, each with clean bottles of tomato ketchup, HP sauce and vinegar.’
    • ‘If you have some rolls, a few salad leaves and extra ketchup or chutney, they can be transformed into delicious burgers.’
    • ‘Where do you find the best value baked beans, sausages, ketchup and white sliced bread?’
    • ‘He served it to us in leaf plates with a generous dollop of Maggie's tomato ketchup.’
    • ‘To make the chilli jam, sweat off the chilli and ginger in a heavy based pan and add chilli sauce and ketchup.’
    • ‘In addition there is a New Orleans American style chilli sauce and the ubiquitous tomato ketchup.’
    • ‘If desired, however, offer a condiment bar of your favorites: lettuce, avocados, tomatoes, pickles, mayo, mustard, and catsup.’
    • ‘Real chips are thick cut, fried in animal fat, and dressed not with catsup but with vinegar.’
    • ‘Years later, I'm covering my chips with tomato ketchup in front of the TV.’
    • ‘Tomato ketchup came in a bowl and not in those dreadful sachets.’
    • ‘Top with the sliced tomatoes, add more ketchup, then add the gherkins.’
    • ‘A best seller is her tomato ketchup, which is a pale orange rather than the lurid red of the commercial variety.’
    • ‘He made a mess trying to mix a concoction of catsup, mustard and hot sauce.’
    • ‘The Bulgarians made shopska salad and surprised other children by putting ketchup on their pasta.’
    • ‘Garum was used in ancient Rome, and it was supposedly as ubiquitous then as ketchup is today.’
    • ‘Add ketchup, blend thoroughly and add ground turkey and vegetable mixture.’
    • ‘I eat the four-minute lunch of the home worker, standing at the counter, shovelling in cold pizza and ketchup.’
    • ‘She went to the kitchen and brought back bottles of mustard and ketchup.’
    relish, dressing, condiment, ketchup, flavouring



/ˈkɛtʃəp/ /ˈkɛtʃʌp/


Late 17th century apparently from Chinese (Hokkien) kê-chiap ‘brine of pickled fish or shellfish’, perhaps partly via Malay kecap, kicap ‘soy sauce’.