Meaning of ketone bodies in English:

ketone bodies


plural noun

  • Three related compounds produced during the metabolism of fats, two of which are used as a source of energy instead of glucose during a period of fasting or very low carbohydrate intake (the third being acetone, which is excreted).

    ‘In the liver the net result (due to increased acetyl-CoA levels) is the production of ketone bodies.’
    • ‘Glucose is the main fuel used by the brain, but research has shown that neonates are able to use ketone bodies, lactate and maybe amino acids for oxidation.’
    • ‘Laboratory findings reveal high blood sugar and glucose in the urine and as the metabolic derangement worsens, excessive ketone bodies in the blood and urine.’
    • ‘When the liver is reduced to breaking down fat (in lieu of the usual glucose), it produces ketone bodies, a toxic byproduct.’
    • ‘The build up of ketone bodies also has a real negative effect on fertility as it depresses the pulse release of lutenising hormone which is an essential hormone in ensuring that a viable ovarian follicle is produced.’