Meaning of key card in English:

key card

Pronunciation /ˈkiː kɑːd/

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  • A small plastic card, sometimes used instead of a door key in hotels, bearing magnetically encoded data that can be read and processed by an electronic device.

    ‘When she reached the door she inserted the card key and pulled it back.’
    • ‘He watched as she swiped the card key through the security lock of the door.’
    • ‘Taking my purse, I stuffed into it my card key and plane ticket.’
    • ‘Before I left the station, I got my card key and closed the locker.’
    • ‘Robyn unlocked their room with a card key and walked inside, snapping on lights and claiming the first visible bed as her own.’
    • ‘They finally got to the room, and he put the card key in the lock.’
    • ‘The card key she receives at the front desk isn't actually for a room, but for the hotel's pool.’
    • ‘I picked up the card key for the room my friends and I had rented for that night and headed out.’
    • ‘Jonti instructed him to take the luggage out of the trunk and I went in to get our card key.’
    • ‘Look for hotels with electronic key cards, which are reprogrammed for each new guest.’
    • ‘Access to all the apartments and bedrooms is via electronic key cards.’
    • ‘I opened the door with his key card and stepped inside.’
    • ‘They both watched the man who stepped out as he locked the door, put the key card in his pocket, glanced at them briefly, then walked to the elevators.’
    • ‘Jessica couldn't wait to get out of the shoes as she quickly slid her key card into the little slot to open her hotel door.’
    • ‘I headed into the hotel anyway, using the key card in my pocket to open the door.’
    • ‘Only authorized staff are allowed through double door manlocks, which are monitored by key cards and video surveillance.’
    • ‘At Barnhart and Riley Halls, outside door key cards are issued in place of outside door keys.’
    • ‘Electronic key cards must be authorized by the cognizant dean, director, and department head.’
    • ‘When the card key is removed, the controlled circuits remain energized for 30 sec. to allow safe egress from the room.’
    • ‘Besides their potential role in identity theft and unauthorized purchases, the key cards can get up to other mischief.’