Meaning of key grip in English:

key grip



  • The person in a film crew who is in charge of the camera equipment.

    ‘See the fireworks that explode when newsreaders and key grips get together in the same room.’
    • ‘Only a few days before the crew arrived in Paro, the key grip and unit manager were racing around old Delhi in a rickshaw on a critical search for fog machines, fans, dimmers, skimmers, sun guns, dollies and all the necessary lighting equipment.’
    • ‘When Hollywood produces movies of this magnitude, it creates jobs for directors, actors, and key grips in California.’
    • ‘You might want the key grip to help hold the boom, or the lighting team to come in a few minutes early to set something up, but they won't.’
    • ‘While hardly as obscure a job title as key grip or best boy, it's safe to say that most people wouldn't know exactly what being a director of photography involves.’
    • ‘The key grip is the chief grip on the set.’
    • ‘For gaffers, lighting technicians, key grips and other stage technicians, completion of a college program or other specialized training program in technical production for theatre is required.’
    • ‘Our key grips have years of production experience behind them giving them a well rounded view of the different working systems and styles within the film world.’
    • ‘You shouldn't have to sit through ten minutes of caterers and key grips and best boys to make sure you don't miss anything important.’
    • ‘For low-budget, non-union work in the States you can get key grips who know what they're doing for 150-175 / day, USD.’