Meaning of key into in English:

key into

phrasal verb

  • keyed into something or be keyed into somethingBe sympathetic to or in harmony with something.

    ‘the whole team must key into an overall vision’
    • ‘to those who are keyed into his lunatic sense of humour, the arrival of any Bergman movie is a major comic event’
    • ‘Beloved smells that key you into positive memories and experience can be all the difference you need.’
    • ‘Do it until a single word or image is enough to key you into that state of being - emulate Pavlov's dogs.’
    • ‘The issues that conference committees ask presenters to address can often key you into trends in the field.’
    • ‘It is a poignant passage that will stand the test of time and key you into meanings of shadow and redemption.’
    • ‘He slums about the town with his friends, falls in and out of drug addiction and keys us into the whole process.’
    • ‘I am sure you have something precious in your world which can key you into a harmonious vibration.’
    • ‘I was hoping that there might be something in there that would key me into the problem.’
    • ‘Last night I was trying to key you into some of the wisdom we have accumulated through this close-knit project of ours.’
    • ‘Your supervisor is a major resource who can key you into the dynamics of the organization and external factors that may affect your plans or area of responsibility.’
    • ‘At once he keys us into his position by speaking of language as an instrument that we, its masters, can choose to play in whatever way we wish.’
    • ‘Sometimes a title or a word will key me into the deeper store house of memories, dreams helping to project them into the music.’
    • ‘But like it or not, we will have to be keyed into the world economy in the years to come.’
    • ‘Make no mistake, I'm fully keyed into the instant world.’
    • ‘She's selling singles by new/unsigned bands she's discovered to people who are already keyed into her tastes and likes.’
    • ‘His to-the-camera monologues are absolutely the best thing about the film (for those who aren't keyed into the Manchester music scene, that is).’
    • ‘She is keyed into the American mainstream and she asks the questions we would all ask if presented with the opportunity to question celebrities.’