Meaning of key performance indicator in English:

key performance indicator


  • A quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of an organization, employee, etc. in meeting objectives for performance.

    ‘key performance indicators show big improvements and delivery times have been reduced’
    • ‘Health services are failing to keep up with national improvements, key performance indicators reveal today.’
    • ‘The scorecard for the next reporting period remains largely unchanged except for the addition of a new key performance indicator - 'Certification'.’
    • ‘New South Wales publishes a similar league table, comparing councils according to key performance indicators.’
    • ‘You do need to set goals based on key performance indicators.’
    • ‘The trust is projecting failure on four out of five key performance indicators set by the Government for financial performance.’
    • ‘Vodafone released key performance indicators for the quarter ending in December last week.’
    • ‘Its key performance indicators, including patient satisfaction surveys, are monitored routinely.’
    • ‘This is the second year a portion of the annual funding has been allocated to colleges and universities based on key performance indicators.’
    • ‘The contract lists the key performance indicators to which Maloi has committed himself.’
    • ‘The Company has put in place key performance indicators to monitor progress and to ensure that customers receive first class service.’