Meaning of keyboard warrior in English:

keyboard warrior

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  • A person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the internet, typically one who conceals their true identity.

    • ‘she seems a down-to-earth person who does not deserve to be vilified by keyboard warriors’
    • ‘Do whatever you want except leave me stupid jealous messages - I hate keyboard warriors.’
    • ‘He wasn't as bad as some of the keyboard warriors I'd read, but there was that gloat and strut.’
    • ‘That led furious halfwitted keyboard warriors to take to the internet and post personal abuse about the Cambridge historian and TV presenter.’
    • ‘The keyboard warriors should learn to distinguish between morale and sentimentality.’
    • ‘The crisis is still unfolding and the first thing the keyboard warriors do is seek out someone to blame.’
    • ‘She lost a stone in weight, and the keyboard warriors came out to play.’
    • ‘This year's winner has also been the target of the waggling fingers of keyboard warriors.’
    • ‘Keyboard warriors with no appreciation for small volume manufacturers are the real jokes.’