Meaning of keyhole limpet in English:

keyhole limpet


  • A limpet which has an aperture at the apex of the shell, sometimes extending to the margin.

    Family Fissurellidae, class Gastropoda

    ‘The giant keyhole limpet is a ‘primitive’ snail closely related to the abalone.’
    • ‘Cayenne keyhole limpets are easily identified due to the keyhole-shaped orifice at the apex of the shell.’
    • ‘Unlike other limpets, most keyhole limpets have a small hole in the top of their shell.’
    • ‘And at the cutting edge of scientific medicine today, extracts from keyhole limpets are playing an important part in the development of vaccinations and treatments for skin cancer.’
    • ‘This is the only keyhole limpet collected from these rocks, and it was found with other rocky intertidal snail shells such as whelks and top shells.’