Meaning of khat in English:


(also qat)


  • 1mass noun The leaves of an Arabian shrub, which are chewed (or drunk as an infusion) as a stimulant.

    • ‘Knowledgeable users maintain that chewing khat has more in common with coffee than cocaine.’
    • ‘In Somali communities, chewing a traditional stimulant called khat has landed some people in deportation proceedings, since the leaf is now categorized as a controlled substance.’
    • ‘Earnings from khat, an amphetamine like stimulant that is banned in the United States and several European countries, has doubled.’
    • ‘Farmers have been forced to produce khat (a local narcotic) in order to survive.’
    • ‘The 530 kg shipment of khat, a green-leafed drug which is chewed to produce a euphoric effect, was found in air freight.’
    • ‘But officials came to believe most of the flights were Yemeni smugglers bring in khat, a leafy plant widely chewed in Somalia for its mild narcotic effect.’
    • ‘Mead was probably the first human-made intoxicant, barring potions brewed from various solanaceous psychoactives - peyote, khat, mandrake, poisonous toads, etc.’
    • ‘The area is known for extensive trading in livestock, hides and skins, khat, cereals, and consumer durables.’
    • ‘Once the khat has been acquired, the customer leaves with a smile of satisfaction and anticipation.’
    • ‘Try to avoid chewing khat late at night, and never take sleeping pills unless prescribed by your doctor.’
    • ‘The first reaction to khat is unpleasant and marked by feeling of dizziness an intense thirst.’
    • ‘Indeed, withdrawal from khat results in social isolation, according to this article.’
  • 2The shrub that produces khat, growing in mountainous regions and often cultivated.

    Catha edulis, family Celastraceae

    ‘Ethiopian officials said they are not going to stop farmers from growing khat, but are trying to offer alternatives.’


Mid 19th century from Arabic qāt.