Meaning of Khedival in English:



See Khedive

‘It stands opposite the grand mosque of Sultan Hasan as an attempt of the Khedival family to measure up to the achievements of the Mamluks.’
  • ‘Instead, the work that opened the new Khedival opera house in Cairo on November 1, 1869, was Verdi's earlier opera Rigoletto.’
  • ‘Mitchell has written on the use of urban planning to create new hierarchies of power under Khedival rule in the nineteenth century and then under direct British colonial administration.’
  • ‘On July 1, 1913, a Legislative Assembly was created by Khedival decree.’
  • ‘He graduated at the age of 18 with a degree in law from the Khedival School and later occupied a high military rank in Isma'il's army.’