Meaning of kia kaha in English:

kia kaha

Pronunciation /ˌkiːə ˈkɑːhə/


New Zealand
  • Used to encourage strength or confidence.

    ‘kia kaha, and remember: it is better to fall on principle than to stand on lies’
    • ‘Kia kaha little man, they wrote.’
    • ‘Kia kaha, Carol, for your inspiration.’
    • ‘Kia kaha and the best of luck.’
    • ‘Kia kaha, good luck and goodbye.’
    • ‘Kia kaha - our thoughts and prayers are with you today.’
    • ‘In the meantime, kia kaha Christchurch, and kia kaha Chris and his team.’
    • ‘We know how hard weight loss is to achieve - kia kaha guys!’
    • ‘Rest easy, and kia kaha!’
    • ‘Get well soon, Kia Kaha, Bro.’
    • ‘Kia Kaha to you and your family.’


Late 19th century Maori.