Meaning of kick-to-kick in English:



mass nounAustralian
  • An informal game in which a football is kicked between two groups of players.

    ‘when we played kick-to-kick at school we did it on the gravel’
    • ‘To play kick-to-kick with us, you've got to be able to reach the other end.’
    • ‘Anyone who earns a contract as a punter in American football is barred from playing kick-to-kick in our local park.’
    • ‘He led the children in a spirited game of kick-to-kick.’
    • ‘The teenager often foxed the ball when the players were having kick-to-kick.’
    • ‘The visual component of kick-to-kick is vital.’
    • ‘They play kick-to-kick on the very patch of grass where, minutes before, their heroes stood.’
    • ‘A bunch of guys were having kick-to-kick in the street afterwards.’
    • ‘He has that eye for the pivotal moment in a sporting occasion, even when it's backyard kick-to-kick.’
    • ‘There's a dangerously congested kick-to-kick exhibition which follows.’
    • ‘I remember watching kick-to-kick before training.’