Meaning of kick oneself in English:

kick oneself


  • Be annoyed with oneself for doing something foolish or missing an opportunity.

    ‘he was kicking himself for not biding his time’
    • ‘We were really kicking ourselves afterwards at having missed such a golden opportunity.’
    • ‘Every broadcaster is moving to those bigger pictures, and you will soon be kicking yourself if you buy a set that has the old screen shape, unless it's a portable for the bedroom.’
    • ‘If you miss this show you'll be kicking yourself all winter.’
    • ‘You'll be kicking yourself Monday if you don't take ten minutes today to read this.’
    • ‘Don't miss it when you get the chance to see it or you'll be kicking yourself when you finally do.’
    • ‘Many people will be pleased that they got in just in time, but even more will be kicking themselves that they missed out.’
    • ‘I dare say that the people who said no are kicking themselves.’
    • ‘Anyone who left last Saturday's league match early will be kicking themselves.’
    • ‘They'll be kicking themselves for the mistakes they made.’
    • ‘Well I will continue to kick myself over the fact that I did not sell when they hit $150.’