Meaning of kick over the traces in English:

kick over the traces


  • Become insubordinate or reckless.

    ‘Never mind that you have learned something new, that you have kicked over the traces of your parents.’
    • ‘It was very hard aged 15, 16, 17, at a school like the Academy, at which a great number of my contemporaries were hereditary Tory, hereditary unionist, in their mentality, not to kick over the traces.’
    • ‘They're just kids doing what kids do, which is kick over the traces and test their independence.’
    • ‘George is already kicking over the traces - spending too much, drinking too much, gambling too much and, as Amelia dare not admit to herself, consorting adulterously with other women.’
    • ‘I sense a certain aimlessness and confusion amongst those of us who keep kicking over the traces, I wonder if God isn't rebuking us for such a perversely inverted lack of grace.’
    • ‘Kapri is as charming as ever it was, the people as odd: everybody is very immoral, but fortunately not so dull as those who kick over the traces often are.’
    • ‘Even when there is no intention to kick over the traces, the quiet understanding of compatibles offers a hint of forbidden pleasure.’
    • ‘The rebel son is restless, longs to kick over the traces and seeks personal advancement.’
    • ‘Anil's father went to the UK to study but ended up kicking over the traces and having his hair cut, which was tremendously rebellious for his community at the time.’
    • ‘We were kicking over the traces, stepping into our own power and stepping out to get more.’