Meaning of kick someone upstairs in English:

kick someone upstairs


  • Remove someone from an influential position by giving them an ostensible promotion.

    • ‘he'll be kicked upstairs for a year or so before taking early retirement’
    • ‘Clifford removed General William Westmoreland as Vietnam commander, kicking him upstairs to become Army chief of staff and replacing him with General Creighton Abrams.’
    • ‘In March, he was kicked upstairs to head the World Bank.’
    • ‘Gromyko had been one of Gorbachev's supporters and he was kicked upstairs to become head of state.’
    • ‘Although this varies by organization, the front-line people are often all too eager to kick you upstairs.’
    • ‘If they can't get on, the prime minister has to sack his chancellor, make him foreign secretary, kick him upstairs to the Lords as lord chancellor or see his Cabinet disintegrate.’
    • ‘I wonder how many of CCSD's top administrators were appointed in order to kick them upstairs.’
    • ‘Thousands of letters and telegrams from small businessmen, farmers and labor leaders urged him to resist all attempts to kick him upstairs.’
    • ‘Stop waiting for your supervisor to kick you upstairs.’
    • ‘But Republican Party bosses, fearful of his independence, managed to kick him upstairs to the vice presidency.’
    • ‘As part of the deal, he would have become chairman (but not CEO) - which was simply a way to kick him upstairs.’