Meaning of kick turn in English:

kick turn


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  • 1Skiing
    A turn carried out while stationary by lifting first one and then the other ski through 180°.

    ‘Ski these bindings a little more conservatively than you would your alpine gear, and use good technique on the uphill so you won't torque out during kick-turns and such.’
    • ‘I do have some difficulty with uphill kickturns during backcountry skiing.’
    1. 1.1(in skateboarding) a turn performed with the front wheels lifted off the ground.
      ‘I am dying to skate again; my knee is finally better and I want to practice kick-turns and learn to carve!’
      • ‘Skaters will learn the basics like safety, stance, board balance, pumping, fakies, kick-turns, and eventually dropping in.’


(also kick-turn)
[no object]
  • Perform a kick turn.