Meaning of kickflip in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪkflɪp/


  • (in skateboarding) a manoeuvre in which the board is manipulated by the feet during a jump so that it spins sideways through 360 degrees before landing.

    ‘In the end, Alexis made the kickflip into the bank.’
    • ‘My front foot is still above the board, positioned across the board to keep it from flipping like a kickflip.’
    • ‘Then I had to learn kickflips again a couple years ago.’
    • ‘He can do a couple kickflips, a frontside 180 maybe; he's not that good.’
    • ‘But there was also a time when I lost my kickflip.’
    • ‘I guess you deserve to be recognized if you can bust out big kickflips all day long the way Shannon does.’
    • ‘About an hour later I was on my way to his house warming up with ollies over sewer covers and the odd kickflip.’
    • ‘Ask anyone who skates and they will all tell you how hard it is to do a kickflip and land on your front truck.’
    • ‘I quit skating to race BMX and when I quit, no one I knew could do a kickflip.’
    • ‘Take a trick you like to do and add a kickflip to the start of it and see what happens.’
    • ‘Will it take away from the feeling of your first kick flip?’
    • ‘They are searching for tips to perfect their ollies and kickflips.’
    • ‘When you clear a three foot high wall or land a kickflip on a skateboard, you're hit with an instant and intense jolt of happiness and exhilaration.’
    • ‘When I came out, people weren't even really doing kickflips yet.’
    • ‘And from now on, the benchmark that all kickflips will be judged against is the one pulled over those ledges.’
    • ‘Do people even care about doing a quadruple kickflip?’
    • ‘It got to where that was the only trick I did for a couple months - ollies and kickflips.’
    • ‘But he's willing to learn new tricks from his son, such as kickflips and other ollie variations - that is, popping the board up in the air.’
    • ‘Greg skates well, doing kickflips, tailslides and the like, all smooth with aggression.’
    • ‘Lots of dudes do kickflips but not many do them like Nate Jones.’