Meaning of kicking strap in English:

kicking strap


  • 1A strap used to prevent a horse from kicking.

    ‘Of course he was in no danger, not with a good kicking strap, new harness, and buggy.’
    • ‘He'd had to put a kicking strap on him because they were just breaking him to drive single, but he had never offered to kick.’
  • 2Sailing
    A rope lanyard fixed to a boom to prevent it from rising.

    ‘She doesn't seem to have twigged that if I've been sailing since I was six, mostly in a Wayfarer, I've had to dodge quite a few booms and guillotine-like kicking straps (a vang for my American readers, if I have any).’
    • ‘We are getting much better at rigging the damn boat, although we generally forget the kicking strap until we are out on the water.’