Meaning of kid brother in English:

kid brother


  • One's younger brother.

    • ‘to have my kid brother teaching me about love!’
    • ‘I had two older brothers and a kid brother who kind of looked up to me.’
    • ‘How does your comfortable, early twenties, middle of the road, suburban US life change when your mum and dad both die, leaving you with responsibility for your kid brother?’
    • ‘When Kelly figured out her parents were helping her kid brother through an ordeal, she realized they'd do the same for her in tough times.’
    • ‘He's like the chubby kid brother of one of your players, but who's just too young, too immature, and too hyperactive to actually be allowed in the game.’
    • ‘My father never raised his hand in anger to my kid brother.’
    • ‘For his part Kerwin spoke highly of his kid brother.’
    • ‘My kid brother Patrick always got the ice-cream.’
    • ‘Paul, 20 months younger than John, was treated like the cute kid brother for whom ambition would be unseemly.’
    • ‘Be a great brother Jordan and do the right thing, because in the future your kid brother will love you for everything you did for him.’
    • ‘And I dared ask the inevitable question: so what's it like having a kid brother?’
    • ‘He was eight years older than me, still is, oddly enough, and he resented having his stupid kid brother foisted on him whenever he went out with his pals.’
    • ‘On the way back the landlady and her kid brother were persuaded to give the new chip shop a try, and gave the fare their seal of approval.’
    • ‘The next day, I found out my crush was too shy to call and had gotten his kid brother to do it for him.’
    • ‘To save his kid brother, Memphis rounds up his car-napping buddies for one more job.’
    • ‘Alex pulled her long brown hair into a pony tail as she faced her kid brother.’
    • ‘I really wanted to do something for my new kid brother.’
    • ‘He is a quiet little kid who causes more trouble then he is worth but everyone loves him and treats him like a kid brother.’
    • ‘He landed nicely, smirking challengingly at his kid brother.’
    • ‘At 20 years old, he literally looks like your kid brother.’
    • ‘His pride always was easily wounded, but being beaten by your kid brother of 3 years was almost as bad as it could get in Tatton's world.’