Meaning of kid gloves in English:

kid gloves

plural noun

  • 1Gloves made of fine kid leather.

    ‘Come on, try and imagine me, Mike Da Hat, rock star, wearing white kid gloves and a pinny.’
    • ‘The portrait of him in Plate V not only gives details of his club but also of the usual golfing attire, including the kid gloves with the fingertips cutoff, presumably for a better feel while taking a stroke.’
    • ‘Placing her wide-brimmed chocolate velvet hat atop her head and tugging on her cream kid gloves, Rebecca took a deep breath for courage and strolled down the wide, sweeping staircase as though she hadn't a care in the world.’
    • ‘The Silver Casket is a mimetic tour de force: in the foreground is a pair of blue kid gloves, limp and luxurious and nonchalantly arranged in the company of necklaces, one jet black, the other, vermilion.’
    • ‘Men in dinner suits, women twitching fans, the daughter of the household bashing out a Mendelsohn standard, polite applause muffled by white kid gloves, and another round of constipated dialogue.’
    circumspection, care, carefulness, caution, wariness, chariness, guardedness
    1. 1.1as modifier Used in reference to careful and delicate treatment of a person or situation.
      ‘the star is getting kid-glove treatment’
      • ‘This kid-glove treatment of Wall Street crooks provides a profound example of how we continue to operate under two vastly different sets of rules in this country - one for a select group of elites and one for the rest of America.’
      • ‘Dismissal from the premier competition is a high a price to pay for an ‘error’ in a year where others have been given the kid-glove treatment for similar transgressions.’
      • ‘Someone who wasn't tiptoeing around me, and who didn't mind being angry at me - it was a breath of fresh air after all the kid-glove treatment.’
      • ‘After seeing this fish at close range I realise that it is bill-wrapped and tell the crew to use kid-glove tactics.’
      • ‘For an asset class that has been as persistently denigrated and deemed irrelevant as gold has apparently become, one is still struck by the kid gloves approach most central bankers seem to take in regard to the discussions on sales.’
      careful, circumspect, cautious, wary, chary, guarded, close-lipped, close-mouthed


    handle someone or something with kid gloves
    • Deal with someone or something very carefully or tactfully.

      ‘the secretary treated her with kid gloves’
      • ‘A policeman stuck his head into the window and gave us a giant grin, setting the tone for what was to become a surreal detention where we were handled with kid gloves - although threat was never far from the surface.’
      • ‘All this to say, that if you know how to roll a good cigar, the government treats you with kid gloves and rubber bullets.’
      • ‘Despite periodic nastiness from both sides, it is also surprisingly sedate, given the immensity of the issues at stake, thanks partly to a domestic media which treats both candidates with kid gloves.’
      • ‘It's a warm and funny film which strikes exactly the right balance, neither patronising its subjects, nor treating them with kid gloves.’
      • ‘So when she gave birth to her second son several years later in Sheffield she treated him with kid gloves, determined nothing would ever happen to him.’
      • ‘Years of conditioning made me unthinkingly treat them with kid gloves.’
      • ‘They know what they want, but you treat them with kid gloves.’
      • ‘Obviously they are extremely nervous when they come to see me and I treat them with kid gloves.’
      • ‘Now, The Drunk Guy has a reputation in the industry, so you have to treat him with kid gloves.’
      • ‘Their own witnesses were treated with kid gloves.’