Meaning of kiddiewink in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪdwɪŋk/


humorous British
  • A small child.

    ‘In the immortal words of the Londonderry Air - that's Danny Boy to you, kiddiewinks - the summer's gone and all the flowers are dying.’
    • ‘Now then, kiddiewinks, a column about culture (like what you call kulcha) brought about by a collision of towering genius, modern technology, and a product of the modern education system.’
    • ‘Mrs Christie, kiddiewinks, was a lady who wrote books that people read for pleasure (imagine that!) because they were all about people killing each other in very strange ways.’
    • ‘And, sorry about this kiddiewinks, all but one of these events were more than half a century ago, when your mums and dads weren't even thought of, never mind you.’
    • ‘Now then, kiddiewinks, another piece of history from the olden days.’
    child, youngster, little one, young one, baby, toddler, infant, boy, girl, young person, minor, juvenile, adolescent, teenager, youth, stripling


1950s a familiar extension of kiddie.