Meaning of kidnapping in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪdnapɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • The action of abducting someone and holding them captive.

    ‘the recent kidnapping of a Dutch industrialist’
    • ‘a new wave of kidnappings and murders’
    • ‘There have been reports of recent attempted kidnappings, muggings and stabbings.’
    • ‘The nation never had so many murders, kidnappings and other serious crimes before in its history.’
    • ‘The backlash could include bombings, kidnappings, plane hijackings and even beheadings.’
    • ‘With all the murders, robberies and kidnappings, I have to wonder… where is the love?’
    • ‘Those guns would have been destined to be used in murders, robberies or kidnappings.’
    • ‘The threat of carjackings and kidnappings keeps people locked inside their houses.’
    • ‘Most of the kidnappings are by criminal groups that want a ransom, or sectarian groups that want to sow divisions.’
    • ‘We saw more murders and kidnappings than ever before, and violent crimes took a quantum leap.’
    • ‘Smith was charged with three kidnappings, three robberies and three firearms offences relating to alleged incidents on the day.’
    • ‘They have been behind many of the kidnappings of westerners in recent weeks.’
    • ‘He said gang-related homicides and kidnappings continued to provide a serious challenge.’
    • ‘I refer to the state of crime, violence and kidnappings in our country.’
    • ‘It is now one of the most dangerous parts of the country rife with crime, kidnappings and attacks.’
    • ‘The threat to foreign contractors has escalated in the past month following a series of kidnappings and murders.’
    • ‘The attack was only the second known kidnapping of foreign women since the wave of kidnappings began earlier this year.’
    • ‘But the government tags the group as a gang of bandits that specializes in kidnappings.’
    • ‘He said too many kidnappings were taking place and the kidnappers were becoming richer at the end of the day.’
    • ‘After hours of careful searches, the soldiers assisted by air surveillance found no evidence of any kidnappings or refugees at all.’
    • ‘If you know of anyone who might be involved with this string of kidnappings, please call your local police department immediately.’