Meaning of kidult in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪdʌlt/


  • 1 informal An adult with childish tastes.

    • ‘No, the awful truth is that we have become a nation of kidults: adults who think, and behave, like children.’
    • ‘Yes, kidults, because while I don't doubt that these books have their appropriately aged readers, the fact is that what's made them such a publishing sensation are their garnering of much older fans as well.’
    • ‘But this movie collapses the distinction, suggesting that all thirtysomething women pine to be tweenie kidults.’
    • ‘Today's teenagers are acting older younger, it is the age of the kidult.’
    • ‘I suspect Ronnie is targeted at the kidult market - that strange hybrid of childish minds inhabiting grown-up bodies.’
    1. 1.1mass noun, often as modifier A genre of television programmes, films, or games intended to appeal to both children and adults.
      ‘high-tech kidult entertainment’
      • ‘The popularity of Harry Potter and the consequent development of the so-called kidult market often leads us to forget that children need and want different things from a film.’
      • ‘Iorek Byrnison the Bear-King is the real hero of modern kidult fiction.’
      • ‘It seemed very contrived to go after the kidult audience.’


1960s blend of kid and adult.