Meaning of kilderkin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɪldəkɪn/


  • 1A cask for liquids or other substances, holding 16 or 18 gallons.

    ‘If you take a barrel to be two kilderkins and a kilderkin to be two firkins (which are themselves, of course, nine gallons), then the saving works out at about 14p per pint.’
    • ‘Other sizes were the firkin (9 gallons; from medieval Dutch meaning ‘a fourth’, that is, a quarter of a barrel), kilderkin (18 gallon; half a barrel) and hogshead.’
    1. 1.1A unit of measurement equivalent to the contents of a kilderkin.
      • ‘A kilderkin is an old English liquid measure, dating from about the 13th century, equal to 16 (old and ill-defined) gallons, or half a barrel.’


Late Middle English from Middle Dutch kinderkin, variant of kinerkijn, diminutive of kintal (see quintal).